Our program

Designed to help children realize their potential

Why us

The best early learning experience

Wishtree Daycare stands out for its commitment to holistic child development. With dedicated and experienced staff, personalized attention, a nurturing environment, and tailored learning programs, we prioritize every child's growth, fostering confidence, creativity, and a love for learning. Your child's future begins here.

Holistic approach

At Wishtree Daycare, our holistic approach encompasses nurturing all aspects of a child's developmentā€”mind, body, emotions, and social skills.

Passionate teachers

At Wishtree Daycare, passionate teachers ignite curiosity, inspire learning, and foster a love for exploration in every child.

Supervision to keep children

At Wishtree Daycare, diligent supervision ensures a safe, secure environment, prioritizing the well-being and safety of every child.



Infants at Wishtree Daycare experience tender care and stimulating environments. Every coo, every smile, nurtured with love. Our trained staff provide safe spaces for exploration, fostering early development and laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning in a warm and supportive atmosphere.



At Wishtree Daycare, toddlers discover a world of wonder and boundless curiosity. Through interactive play and guided activities, our dedicated team encourages their budding independence and social skills. In our vibrant environment, each step is a milestone, shaping confident and inquisitive young minds for a bright future ahead.



At Wishtree Daycare's preschool program, children embark on an exciting journey of discovery and learning. Through tailored curriculum and creative engagement, we nurture their natural curiosity, preparing them for academic milestones and fostering a love for exploration. Our vibrant environment cultivates confident, eager learners ready for future success


Provided Programs


Imaginative Play

At Wishtree Daycare, imaginative play flourishes, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and social development in a vibrant, supportive setting.


Outdoor Play

At Wishtree Daycare, outdoor play thrives, providing children with opportunities for physical activity, exploration, and connecting with nature joyfully.


Art & Craft

At Wishtree Daycare, art and craft activities inspire creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skill development in an engaging setting.


Felt Story

In Wishtree Daycare, felt stories captivate young minds, fostering imagination, language development, and interactive storytelling in a playful environment.